Frequently asked questions

The best way to contact us is by submitting Application Form directly by clicking on Apply Now and the investment team will reach out to you in couple of days.

We are a Direct to Consumer focused fund, investing in early-stage D2C startups.

We invest in startups that are solving real world problems that have successfully executed proof of concept and have achieved customer validation in the addressed market. We prefer startups with defined competitive advantages.

We typically invest from INR 1- 3 Crores, we also plan to invest in the follow-on investment round as per startup’s progress.

Yes, we always co-invest with like-minded investors. Also, we prefer to be a lead investor.

We are only investing in D2C startups that are operating in India.

We invest as a strategic VC fund. Apart from writing a cheque, we provide hands-on support to achieve business milestones and assist in Business Development, Partnerships, Recruitment and leverage our ecosystem network.

Being an early-stage D2C fund, we are fairly quick in taking decisions.  

Within a week of applying, based on the information shared we will evaluate your business fit with our investment thesis. If it’s the right fit, we will understand your venture and do the initial in-depth review over a call. If not interested, we will notify you within a week’s time with the feedback.

The shortlisted startup will present to our Investment Committee and upon confirmation from our IC, we issue the term sheet and start with the Due Diligence process.

Once Due Diligence is completed, we do an internal review along with the Investment Committee and confirm on the investment amount and sign the investment documents.

The duration of the process ranges from a couple of weeks to a few months.

We prefer a strong team of founding members (2 preferably) because we feel that co-founders with complementing skills and domain expertise brings more value together and help in growing business in the longer run. We invest in founders who truly understand the technology and financial aspects of the business.

We invest in startups in terms of equity financing in exchange for a percentage of your company.

Yes, in order to raise funding you need to be incorporated as a company.